We believe in true, long-term partnership

More than capital

We prefer investing in businesses where we know we have the ability – by way of our large networks and our industry insights – to provide more than capital. Similarly, we prefer entrepreneurs who value us for more than just capital.

True partnership

Our portfolio companies aren’t investments for us: they are our partners. And our partners can expect year-round, quality engagement from us towards their businesses. We understand that at the heart of a successful investment is a relationship of trust and respect.

Proprietary In-House Research

We pride ourselves on our research. We see hundreds of businesses each year and the cumulative experience we draw from these interactions informs our investment evaluation process. We are constantly soliciting diverse input from industry experts to keep our perspectives current. As a result, we have a proven record of uncovering obscured value in situations where other buyers do not have the necessary expertise or resources.

“The Tuscan Ventures team has been a trusted aide and our partner in success. They understand business and have brought great insights & invaluable network for us. We were fortunate to partner with them early in our journey. The team is highly passionate and make their investee companies’ vision their own”

Runit Shah
Chief Operating Officer